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Showing 1–16 of 278 results

Create the Perfect Living Room With Our Living Area Floor Tiles

Choosing to have a tiled floor in your living will be the best decision you can make! Living area floor tiles offer a durable and stylish finish. Other benefits of floor tiling include being an excellent insulator which is ideal, no matter the season.

Cerdomus Tile Studio stocks an appealing choice of living area floor tiles to give any space the facelift it needs. You could visit our showroom in Richmond, Melbourne, or you could buy living room area tiles online after exploring our website. No matter your choice, purchasing Cerdomus Tile Studio products will leave you happy and impressed without breaking the bank.

Buy Your Living Area Tile Designs Now

If you are looking to buy living area tile products, we offer a wide range of living area floor tiles in different sizes, textures, and patterns to rejuvenate your living room. And, if you enjoy having a rug in your living area, a ceramic or porcelain tile will be an appealing interior décor complement.

Should your living area lead to an outdoor space, a terracotta, terrazzo, or natural stone tile is best. Using any of our living area floor tile designs helps create continuity and symbiosis between the two areas. Cerdomus stocks various designs including terracotta, terrazzo, and natural stone tiles which are perfect for your living area leading to an outdoor living space.

If you want to buy living area floor tiles, our best-sellers are:

  • Portsea Grey Honed
  • Argento Light x Cut – Rubbed
  • Alice Red Terracotta Subway
  • Murazzo Terrazzo Honed
  • Rosa Terrazzo Honed

Place Your Cerdomus Tile Order Today

Visit our showroom and buy living area tiles and splashback tiles. Also, before visiting our gallery, please explore our website to buy living area tiles online that appeal to you and your project.

If you can’t decide, we will gladly offer you five free tile samples to trial before you buy the living areas tiles of your choice. Call our showroom at (03) 9428 4326 to book an appointment.

Floor Tiles for Living Rooms

Living rooms are the most defining part of a house. They set the design tone for the rest of the living areas. A living room’s floor tiles can either match the rest of your house’s flooring or be of contrasting colours and materials to set it apart. Either way, you should only opt for the best quality floor tiles for your living room.

Living rooms have high foot traffic since this is where your guests gather as well. Therefore, there should be no compromise on the quality and durability of floor tiles. At Cerdomus, you not only find durable options in terms of the best tiles but also the most stylish ones. Our wide selection of living room tiles will definitely offer something that suits your style needs.

Tiles for All Living Room Styles

There are numerous safe options for floor tiles of the living room area. Contrasting colours, different shapes, textures, materials, and sizes will provide a unique look to your living room floor depending on your personal preferences and passion for aesthetic options.

The first, most popular option in floor tiles is porcelain. Perfect for those having a vivid sense of decor, porcelain tiles come in various polished finishes. In our wide selection of porcelain floor tiles, you will find marble, limestone, concrete, metal, and timber looks. Timber is a universal option that will stay in style forever and works with all types of furniture.

Ceramic tiles are also a statement choice for the living room floor. The ceramic look will stand out in a dark colour. It will also work well in a neutral tone with interiors that are hard to work with.

Matte floor tiles will please those in search of contemporary tiles to beautify their living area. Natural stone tiles are a great option for matte floor tiles. However, you can also go for matte timber look tiles depending on the space of your living area.

You can also pair porcelain tiles with durable wall tiles of natural materials to mix textures for an artistic look. Mosaic tiles are another option of wall tiles to add a striking aspect to your living room space.

Unmatched Flooring at Cerdomus

If you are looking for ideas and colours regarding flooring that will go well with your furnishings and décor, you can always walk into our Melbourne-based showroom to get a consultation from our design experts. They will guide you with stylish tile ideas that suit your personal taste instead of the popular choice. You can also get helpful tips to maintain the beauty of your living room area to get long-term benefits out of our tiles.

You will find that our range offers a wide selection of the best living room tiles as well as kitchen and bathroom tiles. We also offer 5 free samples for our new customers. You can take them home and test them in your space against your furniture before you finalize tile ideas for your home.

Now is the perfect time to move ahead with designing your living room area. Other than going through our online collection of stylish tiles, you can call us at (03) 9428 4326 to book your design consultation appointment. You can also visit us at 495 Church Street, Richmond. Opt for whichever is the most convenient way to get your hands on our quality tiles!