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Buy Tiles At Cerdomus – Where Style Meets Innovation

Cerdomus Tile Studio is one of the leading tile suppliers, with our showroom situated in Richmond, Melbourne. At Cerdomus Tile Studio, you can buy tiles to complement any project in many exciting colours, textures, and patterns.

Should you want to buy high-quality and visually appealing tiles at an affordable price, look no further. The Cerdomus Tile Studio showroom in Richmond, Melbourne, and our online store have everything you need. So, buy tiles online and shop our range of exquisite tiles to decorate your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, office, and even your outdoor space.

Buy Tiles Online – Designs for Every Space

Our online tile store lets you buy a unique tile online for your convenience and tiles that are manufactured from diverse materials. These materials include tiles made from ceramic, porcelain, marble, and more. Our beautiful tiles are available in various colours and a fascinating selection range of patterns and textures so purchase tiles online now for your next project.

Cerdomus Tile Studio’s online store has a tile for every project. Purchase tiles across different sizes suited for every project and space with sizes ranging from 100x100mm, 75x300mm, 60x240mm, 50x50mm, 200x200mm, 300x600mm, 600x600mm, 1200x1200mm, 1200x2400mm, 1620x3240mm and more.

If you love colour, our tiles will delight you with a range that comprises beige, blue, clay, reds, and many more. The tiles we stock also come with excellent reputations from well-known brands. So, choose from tiles with an exquisite finish that beautifies your space.

Our tile shapes include:

  • Chevron
  • Hexagon
  • Kite
  • Rectangle
  • Square
  • Triangle

Should you want to buy tile designs that are simply outstanding, our online store has over 700 options. You can purchase tiles online in styles that are upmarket, premium quality tiles right here. You can claim your five free samples before making your selection to ensure you are buying with confidence.

Book an Appointment With Cerdomus Tile Studio Today

If you live in Richmond, Melbourne, or if you live close by, call us today at (03) 9428 4326 to book an appointment at our showroom with one of our friendly team. We can help you find the tiles that are perfect for your project.

Or you can explore our website to purchase online tile products if you cannot visit our showroom. No matter the design shape, specific size, or unique feel of the tile you are looking for, Cerdomus Tile Studio can deliver