Quality Limestone Tiles In Melbourne

Limestone tiles are a great option for people who want an affordable, natural flooring option for their property. The tiles are impressive and can significantly improve the look and feel of both residential and commercial properties.

Do you want limestone tiles in Melbourne that can match your home décor? At Cerdomus Tile Studio, we understand your priorities and provide you with the right tiling solutions of your needs.

A Range Of Limestone Tiles

Our limestone tiles are available in an array of designs, colours, textures, and sizes. You can choose tiles with honed, polished, and brushed finishes. With its natural colours, including greys, soft browns, and creams, you will find your interiors more appealing.

Limestone floor tiles are ideal for both traditional and contemporary style properties. Besides flooring, you can also use the tile solution for wall cladding, furniture, vanity tops, and ornate stoneworks. With our range of limestone tiles, you can add visual warmth and a unique level of luxury to the interior of your property.

Made For Your Requirements

All our limestone tiles are sealed to ensure better resistance against water and chemical exposure. These tiles are easy to clean and only need minimal maintenance. The limestone tiles are softer compared to other natural stone tiles.

As a leading supplier of limestone floor tiles in Melbourne, we source high-quality limestone tiles from leading suppliers around the world and offer them to our customers in Melbourne who want the best tiling solutions. It will be a healthy addition to the exterior of your property as the tiles are hygienic and do not allow bacteria to grow.

We Help You To Buy The Ideal Product

Besides offering excellent quality limestone tiles, we also provide a great buying experience for our customers. You can browse through our range of products and request a free quote on your preferred tiles. If needed, you can talk to us, and our colour consultants and interior designers will help you to choose the right tiling solution for your properties.

You can also visit our store located in Richmond and physically verify the tiles before purchasing it. Our extensive supply chain network will ensure you fast, on-time delivery at your doorstep.

Order Your Limestone Tiles Today

Explore our limestone tiles range and choose your product to amplify the exterior and interior of your properties. Contact us on (03) 9428 4326 to discuss your requirements with us. Feel encouraged to contact our designing experts online with your comments, questions, and feedback.